EIC Director Funding Approved

The EIC just got one step closer to bringing its first leader on board.

At its Nov. 13 meeting, the Williamson County Commission approved the funding in support of the EIC Director’s position. This clears the District to hire the EIC’s founding director. This individual will oversee the implementation of the EIC program and outfitting of the facility, bringing to life a vision that has been developing through a partnership between the School District and business community – a connection which will remain crucial to the EIC’s success.

In her remarks to the Commission, Juli Oyer, Executive Director of Secondary Schools, emphasized the level of momentum that is already behind the plans for the EIC. “This conversation has been going on for about 18 months, and with the amount of programming and the things that are happening, we are no longer in the exploration stages.”

The EIC will open for the 2019-2020 school year in the former Columbia State Community College building in Franklin. The 10,000 square foot will be a hub for entrepreneurial, innovative, and creative activity in the County, serving all 10 of its public high schools.

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